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Why Go Getter Kids Preschool Franchise?

Preschool and primary care franchise are one of the most lucrative and safe earning opportunities around. It requires minimal risk free investment which gives you regular and guaranteed earning coupled with a sense of satisfaction with what you do.

If you love children, you can start a Go Getter Kids preschool franchise. You don’t need any technical qualifications or past experience. Our dedicated Franchisee team will get you on board and train you with the necessary skills required for running a successful franchise.

However running a successful preschool requires commitment, dedication, hard work and a partner who has the required expertise with running a successful preschool. Go Getter Kids is that partner you are looking for. Our franchisee support program helps you with complete location planning, school design, teacher training and appointment, operating procedures, student admission kit, marketing support in local areas, and several other support initiatives which will help you establish and sustain your franchise.

Go Getter Kids Franchise Advantage

Infrastructure and Interior Design

Our team of interior designers and architects will help you to get the standardised appealing look of every Go Getter Kids preschool. Attractive visuals, logos and appealing colors are used to create an environment which fosters child development and learning

Personalised & Researched Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed and updated annually by a leading child pschologist, keeping in mind global learning trends and innovations. We provide complete sets of education and learning kits which includes books, music aids and audio visual content, which naturally stimulate children curiosity and learning

360 Child Development

Our focus is not just on academics but on the complete, all round development of every student at Go Getter Kids. Right from yoga to music, to personality development to academics, our programmes are designed to bring out the best in every child and make them outstanding and responsible adults, right from an early age

Teacher training and Management

We help your teachers to stay abreast of the latest teaching methologies and aids by continuously online teacher training programs. We also periodically conduct audits which ensure that teachers are up to mark and working efficiently for you

Marketing and Operational Support

We reqularly advertise in print and outdoor media. All our franchisee’s benefit from our advertising and all leads are passed on to the respective franchisee areawise. We also help you design adverts for local media in your town/locality

Dedicated Account Manager

Every franchisee is deputed a dedicated account manager who will be available to help you with any school related matter. He/She will be available to you via phone/email and through period preschool visits

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

YES! We provide complete assistance to get your school up and running. Right from helping you choose a location, to designing and setting up the interiors, purchasing books & furniture, selecting teachers, helping in admissions, training staff, launch, local advertising etc. we are ALWAYS there with you.

We help to setup and launch the school as well as train your manager and staff to efficiently run the school thereafter. You will be assigned a Key Account Manager, who will help and guide you with activities and processes to run the school efficiently post launch. He/She will be available to you through phone/email and period school visits.

The preschool will be under the banner of Go Getter Kids Preschool

From the time of first-level meeting, selection of location, signing the agreement & documentation plus infrastructure setup for the Pre-School, it may take up to 60 days to get your business operational

The number of staff depends upon the number of students enrolled into the preschool. We require you to maintain a teacher:student ratio of 1:6. That is for every 6 students there should be 1 teacher. You are also required to have atleast 2 maids and 1 security guard at your school premises

A Go Getter Kids franchise provides the best return on investment (ROI) due to the low initial investment, high growth and returns. Typical investment would be in the range of Rs.5.00 – Rs.10.00 lacs depending upon the type of premise, size of preschool, franchise period etc. For a more detailed quote, please email us at Email regarding Franchise

We would not like to comment on our competitors and invite you to contact us and speak to our franchise manager. We can easily say that we are the best but we will let you decide that! Please get in touch with us and we will let you know how Go Getter Kids is the best preschool franchise for you!

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